Satyaśāsanaparīkṣā – Sources, Digital Resources and Transformations


Corpora Primary Research Corpus  
Jaina Digambara Works  
Siglum SŚP  
Sources SŚP-GJ  

Source 1

SŚP-GJ Printed attestation: Vidyānandi-kṛta-Satyaśāsanaparīkṣā. sampādaka: Gokulacandra Jain. (Jñānapīṭha Mūrtidevī Jaina Granthamālā: Saṃskṛta Grantha 30). Calcutta 1964.  
SŚP-GJ-c Digital copy of "SŚP-GJ" contained in image resource "ssp-gj"  

Source 2

SŚP-JB Printed attestation: Jens Wilhelm Borgland: A Translation and Investigation of Vidyānandin’s Satyaśāsanaparīkṣā. MA Thesis, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo 2010.  

Source 3

SŚP-HT'12 Printed attestation: Himal Trikha: Perspektivismus und Kritik. Das pluralistische Erkenntnismodell der Jainas angesichts der Polemik gegen das Vaiśeṣika in Vidyānandins Satyaśāsanaparīkṣā. (Publications of the De Nobili Research Library 36). Vienna 2012.  

Source 4

SŚP-HT Mere digital attestation: Text of the sections of the Satyaśāsanaparīkṣā edited in Trikha (SŚP-HT'12) together with the other sections according to G. Jain (SŚP-GJ) as rendered in Borgland (SŚP-JB).  
SSP-ht Digital text resource for SŚP-HT  
SŚP-HT-x Transformation of SSP-ht: The attested text "lacks clarity or definition", i.e., individual readings may deviate from the source mentioned for various reasons or were collated from more than one source without specification of variants.