Jain Siddhānta Bhavan, Ārā - Collected Information

Uniform Name Jain Siddhānta Bhavan, Ārā
Reference for Uniform Name Jain, GC 1964: 1; JSBA: i
Alternative Name for Jain Siddhānta Bhavan, Ārā
"Shri Deva Kumar Jain Oriental Library" (JSBA: i)
Related Work Work with Repository of Manuscripts in Jain Siddhānta Bhavan, Ārā
Āptaparīkṣā (JSBA: I: 78) 2 ms, serial nos.: 458, 499, accession nos.: Kha/36, Kha 39
Aṣṭasahasrī (Jain, GK 1987: iii; JSBA: I: 78) 1 ms, serial no.: 455, accession no.: Kha/94
Aṣṭaśatī (Jain, GK 1987: iii; JSBA: I: 78) 1 ms, serial no.: 457, collection no.: Kha/150/4
Devāgamavṛtti (Jain, GK 1987: iii; JSBA: I: 78) 1 ms, serial no.: 456, accession no.: Kha/137
Satyaśāsanaparīkṣā (Jain, GC 1964: 1; JSBA: I: 62) one ms. used in Jain's edition of 1964. The catalalogue of 1987, however, mentions two mss: 1) serial no. 362, accession no. Jha 135; 2) serial no. 363, accession no. Kha/57 According to the closing parts of these two manuscripts, printed in the second part of the first volume of the catalogue (JSBA I: 130f.), the respective text is covered by GC Jains edition.
Related Location Location of Jain Siddhānta Bhavan, Ārā