Koppaḷa - Collected Information

Uniform Name Koppaḷa
Reference for Uniform Name Nagarajaiah undated: 354; gm: May 31, 2016
Comment According to Google maps, the name pertains to a district and its capital.
Alternative Name for Koppaḷa
"Kopaṇa, Kopaṇādri, Kopaṇagiri, Kupaṇācala, Kopaṇatīrtha" (Nagarajaiah undated: 354)
Person related to Koppaḷa Person mentioned on a stone inscription in Koppaḷa
Person died in Koppaḷa
Related Location Location of Koppaḷa
Near to Koppaḷa
Annīgeri (Nagarajaiah undated: 371) "towards northwest [of Koppaḷa] are Aihole ... Aṇṇigere ... "