Kundakunda - Collected Information

Uniform Name Kundakunda
Reference for Uniform Name Dixit 1971: 89
Alternative Name
"Padmanandi" (Dhaky 1991: 187)
"Koṇḍakundācārya" (Dhaky 1991: 187)
"Elācārya" (Dhaky 1991: 192)
"Kundakundācārya" (Dhaky 1991: 87)
Related Work Work Authored by Kundakunda
Related Person Teacher of Kundakunda
Contempory of Kundakunda
Affiliated Group Group to which Kundakunda belongs
"last quarter of the eight century A.D." (Dhaky 1991: 193; Dundas 2002: 107)"Although scholarship has conventionally located him in the second or third century CE , hagiographical accounts do not appear until the tenth century, a fact which has prompted a recent radical reassessment of his dating which would locate him after 750 CE ." (Dundas, p. 107)
"c. III e s. de notre ère" (Petit 2013: 2)