Tattvārtha/-sūtra - Collected Information

Uniform Title Tattvārtha/-sūtra
Related Work Commentary on Tattvārtha/-sūtra
Non-specific relationship
Tattvārthasāra (EIP 10: 483) "summary of the aphorisms of the Tattvārthasūtra" P.S. Jaini apud EIP 10: 483 "metrical exposition of the Tattvārthasūtra" A.N. Upadhye apud EIP 10: 483
Related Person Author of Tattvārtha/-sūtra
Related Location Repository of Manuscript(s) of Tattvārtha/-sūtra
Time Tattvārtha/-sūtra's Date of Composition
"between 150 and 350 A.D." (Bronkhorst 1985: 178)
"c. 350-400" (Balcerowicz 2008: 35, n. 23)
Literary Group Literary Group for Tattvārtha/-sūtra