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Access indexes of the covered data and the bibliography.

Currently, the indexes consist of a "General Index" and lists of the names of "Works", "Persons", "Traditions" and "Locations". Click on a name in an index, e.g., "Vidyānandin", to access the collected information for the respective item. Within the collected information, related items are stated under different categories, e.g., "Satyaśāsanaparīkṣā" is stated unter the category "Work authored by Vidyānandin". Click on the name of the related item, to access its collective information.

While reading the collective information of a particular item, move the mouse over the siglum of a publication to read the full bibliographic reference, e.g., by moving the mouse to "ĀPṬ/Ga" the bibliographical details for Gajādharalāl's edition of the Āptaparīkṣāṭīkā are shown. Access the full bibliography by clicking on the navigation item "Browse: Bibliography".

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Access the covered data by entering a name or part of a name in the field "Search Term".

By clicking the button "Search", items that contain the searched combination of characters are listed; e.g., by entering the character combination "vidya", the search will result in a list containing the item "Vidyānandin" under the category "Person", the item "Vidyābhūṣaṇa 1970" under the category "Bibliographic Abbreviation", etc. Click on an item to access its collected information.

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